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Project Management, Program Management, Capital Services and Business Consulting focused on improving your business performance and customer satisfaction.
Industries Served
Pharmaceuticals ·  Biotechnology ·  Healthcare ·  Consumer Products ·  Manufacturing ·  Services
Capstan Performance now has a new structure, capabilities, and strategic partnerships to enhance our offering to our customers.  We create lasting value for businesses of all types by providing solutions to business challenges.  Our core capability of project management is supplemented and strengthened by critical analysis, strategic planning, financial acumen and a passion for teaching, development and learning.

You get experienced, effective project management with Capstan.  If you have a defined project to be executed, we’re happy to provide strong management steeped in PMI fundamentals and experienced leadership.  We’ll develop and lead your teams, and bring in other experts when you need them.  But we are so much more.
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