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Our working tools are analysis, project and program management, training and development, and the skills, knowledge and leadership of our team.  But our mission is not to execute projects.  It is, simply put:

To improve the business performance of the organizations, processes and people that we touch. 

To fulfill this mission, we rely on a strong and versatile set of skills and abilities, deep experience, diverse partners and advisors and a strong commitment to our own development and improvement.

We also bring our values.  These are the guiding principles that make us and our customers successful, and make us a bit different from many of our competitors:
  • Honesty and transparency.  We are open with our customers, suppliers and partners, and we believe that this is the first and most important prerequisite to sustained business success.  We are not here to endorse the status quo, or hide poor performance behind slick presentations and flawed metrics.  We are here to improve your performance.  If you want someone to simply agree with you and justify a predetermined course of action, we are probably not for you.
  • Sustainable change.  We are not in the business of making you dependent on our services.  While your needs may dictate a long-term engagement, our focus is always on developing new and improved processes and competencies in your own organization so that our work long outlives our presence.  We’d prefer to create solutions than more work; we’d much rather have repeat customers that bring us new challenges than spend time churning the same old ones.
  • No business activity exists in a vacuum.  It is not enough to execute a assignment well if you are ignoring the business environment and rapidly changing circumstances around it.  A focus on results means not just the delivered product, but on how the product and the execution itself impacts other projects, processes, organizations, and the people behind them.     
  • Quality in our work.  Our mission demands the highest quality work, and we deliver it.  All of our engagements are personally overseen (and many executed) by our leadership. Your results and our repeat customers are a testament to the quality of our work product.
  • Quality in your experience.  The best quality result is not worth the price of an unpleasant journey to get there when there is an alternative.  We enjoy what we do immensely, and we think that you should enjoy working with us.  We deal with a lot of challenging circumstances and tough decisions, but we try hard to keep our work in perspective and take your challenges seriously rather than ourselves.
  • Giving back.  We are professional managers.  We are also teachers, mentors, and citizens.  Inside your organization, we naturally seek to guide people to the source of their own personal performance.  Outside, we volunteer, speak, and give back to our professional, local and global communities – because it’s right, and because our core belief is that everyone is obligated to improve both themselves and everything they touch. 

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