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In its basic form, a capstan combines the principles of two simple machines: the wheel and axle and the pulley. Capstans have been in use on sailing ships for hundreds of years.  Their updated cousins, nautical winches and machine-powered capstans, continue to operate on the sea and on land today.

We chose this simple and beautiful device for our name and symbol because it represents our philosophies and values very well:

  • It makes work easier, allowing you to haul heavy loads with less effort
  • It also provides the opportunity for a change in direction of effort
  • It incorporates a ratchet mechanism, preventing work from being wasted in backsliding
  • In its early forms, operating the capstan was a collective activity, requiring sailors to work in unison (while singing sea shanties to remain in rhythm - and we like shanties!)

How can we make your work easier and more effective?  Take a look around and see how we can be part of your competitive advantage.

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