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Here are just a few examples of our engagements, and how we’ve helped our customers with their business challenges – and helped them serve their own customers better:

Global Pharma/Bio Company Led integration teams in operations support program in a global pharmaceutical company’s acquisition of a biotechnology firm, including decommissioning of existing headquarters/R&D facility, operations support for remaining laboratories, targeted energy savings, and preparation for leasing the facility.

Global Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics Company Developed product transfer methods to transition 40 compounds from third-party manufacturing to another vendor using flexible tools based on market forecasts, lead times and production and transfer risk factors.

Global Pharmaceutical Company Improved on-time launch rate for critical retail OTC and Rx products from near zero to almost 100% by conceiving and implementing new product development/introduction process involving all organizational functions.

Contract Cosmetics Manufacturer Retained major contract manufacturing customer that had experienced poor supply performance and quality issues. Raised on-time deliveries from 0% to >80% in three months and improved reliability.

Residential / Commercial Energy Services Company Overhaul of design, installation and service operations for standby generators and sustainable energy products. Improved cash flow and earnings from operations from negative to positive, reduced installation cycle time, and significantly increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Contract Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer Developed interactive model of production and physical plant operations, allowing the company to evaluate opportunities for new customer production, schedule production times to optimize use of resources, and predict the effects on utility capacity and costs.

Global Pharmaceutical Company Conceived and initiated a study of water use at three facilities, resulting in >$30K / month water savings by eliminating waste, and allowing the company to dispute up to $100K in erroneous utility billings.

Non-Profit Organization Wrote business plan for new non-profit organization operating in the US and overseas, leading to organization structure geared to mission success, incorporation, and launch.  Trained organization in business and risk management and advised on all operations issues.

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer Designed and implemented Risk Management functions for projects and operations, including classroom instruction, mentoring, risk management toolkits, and integration with supply chain, production, and quality functions.

Contract Pharmaceutical and Consumer Product Manufacturer Conducted leadership and teamwork study involving all levels of line and staff management in a manufacturing plant.  Using interviews and surveys, developed recommendations and implementation plan resulting in significant improvements in communication, team formation, and customer service.

Global Pharmaceutical Company Targeted supplier improvement program for a contract manufacturing supplier including operational support, product transfer management, and quality assurance design.  In three months, improved rejection rate from >30% to near zero, reduced cycle time, and lowered cost of supplier -- who in turn lowered their prices to our customer.

Most of our clients must remain confidential, but we can provide many references for the work we’ve done.  90% of our work comes from repeat engagements and customer recommendations. Contact us for more information and to see how we can help your organization excel!

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