Capstan Performance, LLC

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Capstan Performance is a consulting firm specializing in Project and Program Management and incorporating decades of experience in business management, analysis, operations management, engineering and compliance.  This depth and breadth of knowledge makes us different and allows us to offer a diverse range of services.  We categorize these services, but they rarely stand alone; the integration of our offerings is what makes us unique and provides your advantage when you choose us to help with your business and organizational challenges.

We’ve worked in a vast number of industries, and for companies from small startups to Fortune 500 global corporations.  Some of our specialties are:

  • Pharmaceuticals (OTC and Rx, OSD, parenterals)
  • Biotechnology
  • Research Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Fine chemicals
  • Energy
  • Business Services
  • Construction and Contracting
  • Non-profits

Please browse our service offerings on the left and take a look at a few of the many engagements and projects where we’ve made a difference!  Over 90% of our business is in return engagements or past customers’ recommendations, because we do it right and we demonstrate the value of our services to your business.

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